Experienced Foster Carers – Need a change?

Can I Change Agencies?

Foster Carers have the same freedom to choose who they work with as do the rest of the workforce and therefore, as a foster carer, you have a right to change agencies. This right is set out in the Fostering Network document ‘Protocol for The Transfer of carers between Agencies’. This is the accepted process for managing the transfer of carers who wish to be assessed to foster by another agency.

How easy is it to Change?

If you do not have a child in placement and are considering transferring to another agency the process is relatively simple. If you have any child in placement the first consideration must always be not to disrupt a child’s placement and ensure the continuation of the positive work you have achieved with that child. That said, the process should still go smoothly as the agency you are moving to will support and guide you through the process.

Why do some foster carers want to transfer to another fostering agency?
  • Lack of sufficient support from their fostering agency.
  • Agency failed to listen to their concerns.
  • Training was not available to an acceptable standard.
  • Moved to get greater fostering allowances.
  • Lack of placements or poor matching.

We are therefore happy to receive applications from carers who wish to transfer and recognise that there are valid and entirely understandable reasons for this.

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