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    Become a Foster Carer

    We provide assessment placements for children and young people, and short-term mother and baby placements, with access to psychiatric and psychological assessment, observation, and treatment of parent/child interactions.

  • Already Fostering?

    Transfer to Our Agency

    At Regional Fostering Services we are happy to receive applications from foster carers who wish to transfer. Come and discover why we are proud of our learning & development, support, safeguarding, the outcomes we achieve for those in our care.

  • Local Authorities

    Quality Assurance

    Regional Fostering Services key values are to ensure high quality care is provided to children in our care and foster carer receive excellent support. By working closely alongside Local Authority teams we achieve positive outcomes for the children and young people in our care.

Our Fostering Services

Think about fostering. It may be the best thing you ever do!

Become a Carer

If you are considering welcoming a looked after child or young person into the family home then here is a brief insight into becoming a foster carer and to the type of people you could be meeting.

Exisiting Carers

If you are already registered as a Foster Carer with another fostering agency, and are looking for a better service, we would be happy to discuss arranging a transfer to one of our local foster care teams.

Local Authorities

We provide a fostering service & resource designed to meet the needs of local authorities. If you are a Local Authority and need to get in touch with our Placements Team then please either email us or call us.

What is Fostering?

Could You Foster?

Fostering is a way of providing a stable family life for children and young people, who are unable to live with their parents at a point in time. This allows children the chance to thrive in a safe, secure, loving and caring home environment with foster carers. The children and young people placed with foster carers are from a diverse range of backgrounds and will display different behaviour depending upon their various experiences. 

The decision to become a foster carer shouldn’t be taken lightly, it takes time, patience and dedication. It may be the greatest challenge you’ll ever take; it could also be the most rewarding. At Regional Fostering Services we realise it’s a huge decision, but we know that ultimately it’s worth it. Fostering provides the opportunity to make a real difference to a child or young person’s life for the better.


About Regional Fostering Services

Regional Fostering Services is an independent fostering agency whose philosophy is centered on meeting the needs of children and young people who require a family to live with for either a long or a short term. We offer unrivaled levels of support and training to our foster carers, to ensure that we provide the best environment possible for all the children that we provide placements for. We strive to be a leading independent fostering agency by achieving outstanding levels of performance amongst all of our employees and our foster carers so that we can provide high quality fostering services for the children and young people that we work with. We support our foster carers in fostering children to the best possible standards. As an organisation our ethos means we have a strong set of values that we adhere to. We always aim to act with care, compassion and integrity at all times. We endeavor to achieve the highest standards in meeting the needs of children and young people.


What Our Foster Carers Say

Mr & Mrs G

Extremely satisfied, very helpful, speedy and professional. We couldn’t ask for more, Regional Fostering Services are always there to support you and they always get back to you.

Why Regional Fostering Services?

Fostering is a vocation. You may be motivated by an overwhelming desire to make a difference, you may have thought of fostering in response to a change in family circumstance or you may be looking for a new direction in life and a career. Whatever has driven you to consider fostering, Regional Fostering Services will support you in your aims and aspirations because the one thing that binds you together will be your commitment to helping the most vulnerable children in our society. Recognising and valuing the contribution of each individual is what makes us successful as an organisation. Local Authorities choose Regional Fostering Services for the unbeatable combination of a value for money service that ensures their Looked after Children receive the very best care at an affordable price. As an agency our success at winning Local Authority tenders means we are in an excellent position to offer placements to new and existing carers.
  • Up-to-date Training

    Up to date, relevant tailored training as well as mentoring for carers to offer support and advice.

  • Prompt Payments

    Carers will receive payment direct to their bank accounts

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 Support for carers to resolve concerns and receive qualified expert advice whenever needed.

  • Monthly Meetings

    Monthly support meetings as well as social events, where carers have the opportunity to share their expertise with other carers.

  • Careful Placement

    Placement through careful matching to create the greatest opportunity for the child or young person and carer to be successful.