At Regional Fostering we provide a range of placements for sibling groups, parents and children, complex needs, solo placements, unaccompanied asylum seeking children, respite care, team around the child, young people with minor disabilities and young people transferring from residential care or on remand.

By working closely alongside Local Authority teams we achieve positive outcomes for the children and young people in our care.

We are particularly experienced in emergency, short-term, bridging and long-term placements, matching children and young people depending on the needs identified in their Care Plan and initial referral.

We have developed a comprehensive support package for our foster carers, tailored to the Government’s Every Child Matters strategy, with benefits including Diploma Level 3 training, 24 hour support, access to therapeutic and educational specialists, stakeholder pension, regular respite, holiday grants and highly competitive rates of pay.

Through consultation with Local Authority partners we are willing and able to develop new specialist services for children and young people that better meet their individual needs. From referral trends and dialogue with our Local Authority customers we ensure that the foster carers recruited reflect the needs, culture and diversity of the children and young people within that authority’s area.