Types of Fostering Placement

Placements can last for days, months or sometimes years. While some children return to their birth families, others may stay in foster care for long term or short term periods. There are therefore different types of placements designed for fostering children.

Regional Fostering Services specialises in offering the following types of fostering placements:

  • Emergency Fostering Placements

    This type of fostering involves caring for children who need somewhere safe to stay immediately, usually for a few days. This can often happen at very short notice.

  • Short Term Fostering (Temporary) Placements

    Short-term foster carers provide a temporary place to stay until the child can return home to their own family, move into a longer-term fostering placement or an adoptive family is found.

  • Long Term Fostering (Permanent) Placements

    These placements are where adoption is not an option, and the foster carer cares for a child/young person up to and into adult independence.

  • Respite Fostering Placements

    Respite placements are provided to give parents a break, or offer additional support if they do not have their own support network. In addition, respite is also offered to our own foster carers and is available in order to support placement demands and needs.

  • Bridging Fostering Placements

    We can provide bridging placements for child or young people while permanency plans are being formulated. In such placements Regional Fostering Services foster carers work with children/young people and their families toward reunification, or prepare children/young people for joining adoptive or long term/permanent fostering families or for moving to a semi-independent or an independent living arrangement.

  • Parent and Child Fostering Placements

    This type of placement is provided to a mother and/or father and their child/ren, where foster carers can provide support and guidance to the parent(s) and help them develop parenting skills.

  • Disability Fostering Placements

    Regional Fostering Services has a range of carers who have experience and skills in caring for children and young people who are disabled and / or require specialist medical care.

  • Remand Fostering Placements

    Remand placements are for young people who have been remanded by a court to the care of an experienced foster carer.