Foster Allowance & Fees

Because Fostering People works in local communities, we don’t have to support lots of offices across the country.

As well as the local benefits this offers to our foster carers in terms of support, it also allows us to offer a generous fostering fee. We believe this is only right as we want our foster carers to commit the necessary time and attention to fostering.

We provide a fostering allowance to cover expenses such as food, clothing, travel and bills. Our payments also recognise you as a highly valued professional and you’ll receive an allowance once a young person is in placement.

How Much Foster Care Allowance Will I Receive?

We understand that, just like new parents planning to have a child, finances are an important factor when you are considering welcoming a young person into your home. We have designed our foster care allowance to give our foster carers sufficient funding to not only provide for the child within their care, but also to enable them to make the child’s life as comfortable as possible with treats and other little extras that will make them feel more at home.

For a single child, you could receive between £18,500 to £22,500 per annum, depending on the type of placement. You will need to register as self-employed and will pay National Insurance contributions, and you may also be entitled to Working Tax Credits. Income tax will only be applicable to the reward element of the foster care allowance, and we recommend that you seek professional financial advice if you are unsure of how your finances will be affected if you choose to foster a child.

Foster Care Payments Overview


  • Receive payments between £18,500 to £22,500 per annum for a single child
  • Paid Fortnightly
  • Allowances for Birthdays, holidays and Christmas/festivals
  • You may also be entitled to Working Tax Credits
  • Rewards for you
  • Income tax is only applicable to the reward