Our Team at Regional Fostering Services

Led by an expert team of professionals with extensive social work qualifications, Regional Fostering Services is totally committed as an independent foster agency to providing the highest level of care for children and young people.

We offer the support and security of large national fostering agencies but do so with the care and understanding of a nurturing provider that likes to work closely with foster carers, local authorities and the children in their care.

It is our aim to provide the very best levels of care so children can be protected in safe, secure foster homes.

Find out more about the team at Regional Fostering Services and learn a little about the people that want to make a difference to the quality of life for children in foster care.



Faraz Agha

Director/Responsible Individual & Agency Decision Maker

Faraz holds a professional Social Work qualification and is the responsible individual. He has worked for 11 years for a variety of statutory, private and voluntary organisations. Faraz previously held a Registered Service Manager post at another Private Fostering Agency for four and half years. He has also completed NVQ level 4 in Management as required by the registration and inspection body. Faraz speaks Punjabi, Urdu and English.


Ashlea Talbot

Registered Service Manager

Ashlea holds a professional Social Work qualification and is the Registered Service Manager for the organisation. Ashlea has 7 year’s experience in the social work field from working for Local Authority child protection teams to private fostering agencies. Ashlea has experience of managing and supervising social workers, setting up panels and has also been a Quality Assurance officer and a panel advisor.

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